May 2, 2024

Bespoke website options for

CSP Commerce case study New Shopify website with bespoke options for

Trade Beds Direct, a leading provider of mattresses and bedding, recognised a growing need in the market for bespoke mattresses tailored to specific areas within vehicles, houses, boats, and caravans.

To cater for the increasing demand, the company decided to establish a dedicated brand of their business,, which focused on custom size and shaped mattresses.


The primary aim of the store was to create a user-friendly, professional website that effectively showcased their bespoke mattresses.

  1. Complexity of Options: With over 2,600 choices including variations in size, shape, comfort layers and presenting these options in a clear and understandable format was crucial.
  2. Ease of Use: We needed to ensure that customers could easily navigate the website, understand their options and place orders without confusion or complications.
  3. Guidance & Support: Because of the large number of bespoke options available, it was important to provide clear and concise information like ‘How-To’ guides and measuring instructions. This guidance is there to help the customers choose the right product, feel supported during the buying process and reduce need for returns, which would otherwise be inconvenient, time-consuming and costly.

Solution: partnered with CSP Commerce to address these challenges and achieve their objectives.

  1. Brand Design: The design team created a clean, crisp and professional brand identity and layout for the website, aligning with the customer’s requirements. Carefully selected images were utilised to enhance the design, functionality, and call-to-action elements, for a visually appealing and engaging user experience.
  2. Customised Shopify App: Given the unique requirements for custom fitted mattresses, an off-the-shelf Shopify app would have been insufficient to meet their needs, while a custom app was out of budget. To overcome this limitation, we enhanced an existing Shopify app, leveraging Variant Metafields to customise its functionality and appearance.
  3. Enhanced Functionality: By customising the selected Shopify app, could store specialised information such as sizes, shapes, and comfort layer options that weren’t typically captured in default Shopify fields. This allowed for a seamless integration of the extensive range of mattress options into the website’s product pages, enabling customers to easily browse and select their desired specifications.
  4. Educational Resources: In addition to the product listings, the website incorporated comprehensive ‘How-To-Guides’ directly into the product pages, providing detailed instructions and guidance on measuring spaces. This educational resource assists customers in making well-informed decisions tailored to their requirements.


The implementation of the new website and customised Shopify app yielded significant results for

  1. User Experience: The clean and simple design of the website, coupled with enhanced functionality, resulted in a clear user experience, great customer satisfaction and high engagement.
  2. Streamlined Ordering Process: Customers could easily navigate the extensive range of mattress options, select their desired specifications, and place orders with confidence, resulting in a streamlined ordering process.
  3. Sales and Conversions: With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive product information, the website experienced an immediate growth in sales and conversions.

By leveraging innovative design and customised development solutions, CSP Commerce were able to successfully address the challenges of presenting the large number of bespoke mattress options in a clear and understandable format, ultimately enhancing their customer experience and driving business success.

Speaking about the project, Head of Ecommerce at Trade Beds Direct Wayne Dodd said:

“We wanted a website that was straight forward for our customers to use and would really drive sales and revenue. The team at CSP Commerce were extremely knowledgeable with Shopify and guided us through each step of the process to ensure we understood what was happening.

“The new website built on Shopify has already seen some great success and we are extremely excited to see how much further this will grow. Our relationship with CSP Commerce has been great from start to finish, and we would really recommend them to any ecommerce businesses out there looking to increase their revenue and online presence.”