Marketplace Management


Audit, Activate and Accelerate on Marketplaces

At CSP Commerce, we help forward-thinking brands and retailers with their marketplace management to establish and grow their presence. We understand the importance of capturing those placements in your customers' favourite shopping channels, such as Amazon, eBay, OnBuy, ManoMano and Wayfair, whilst creating a seamless brand experience across all of your digital touchpoints.

Our holistic approach identifies the strategic enablers that will increase product visibility, lower Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) and supercharge your sales. We work closely with clients to offer a tailored modular solution that is supported by a team of hand-selected experts.

If you’re searching for a partner that will make the complexities of marketplace selling into a simple, easy-to-thrive opportunity then we can help. We specialise in marketplace strategy, marketplace management, searchable product data, brand awareness, and revenue growth. Our commitment and expertise have been acknowledged with Amazon Ads Verified Partner and eBay Partner statuses.

Go Global with Marketplaces Management

Marketplace Audits & Performance Reviews

Our unique five-stage process helps brands understand, plan and execute an effective marketplace strategy. Our team of specialists will review: Above and Below the Fold on Product Detail Pages, Customer Reviews and Questions, Store Pages, Advertising and Brand Presence, and Competitor Performance. Through this comprehensive process, we deliver actionable insight and recommendations that aim to build upon your strengths and leverage new opportunities.

Product Listing & Optimisation

Building on the review of your Marketplace presence, we dive deeper into your content and data. From here we optimise product data and the content copy to align with best practices, Amazon SEO performance and best-in-category products. This approach ensures your brand takes full advantage of the digital shelf space so you can succeed on marketplaces.

Sponsored Advertising

Reach your target audience faster with sponsored advertising and paid listings. This includes the creation and ongoing management of Sponsored Product, Brand, Display and Video Campaigns which target both top of search, specific ASINs, Product Detail Page Views and Audience types. Our team can create an advertising strategy which works for your KPIs for both Vendor and Seller Central.

Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP (demand-side platform) can allow ecommerce brands to programmatically buy ads that reach new and existing audiences both on and off Amazon, and connect with your shoppers wherever they are on the web.​


Store Pages

Want to build a dynamic and engaging store page that drives conversions? We build marketplace store pages in line with best practices and your brand guidelines to create an intuitive store which promotes your products and brand in the best way. Our work reduces friction in the buying process and strengthens the affiliation of consumers with your brand to encourage repeat purchasing.

Enhanced Brand Content

Make the most of your Below the Fold customer experience through the creation and optimisation of Enhanced Brand Content. This can help customers with questions and remove the blockers that are preventing their purchase. We will also include cross-selling tables to help shoppers find complementary products from your brand or store.

Experts in ecommerce

As part of our Marketplace management service, you will also have access to our team of experts who specialise in data management, brand awareness and campaign strategy. We will always be on hand to help you with any questions as we work with you to build out campaigns and reach your goals.

Adaptive Approach

By utilising our 52-Point Platform Performance Audit, we identify key areas which need the most attention on your marketplace presence. Combined with our goal-orientated approach, we prioritise and adapt the components required to achieve marketplace readiness, building organic sales and a strong foundation for advertising activity.


Our eBay and Amazon partnership statuses reflect our commitment to be recognised as experts in the field.

csp commerce amazon ads verified partner marketplace management
csp commerce eBay partner network marketplace management

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