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Optimise Your Google Shopping and Performance Marketing

Get your products on Google Shopping and optimised quickly with CSP Commerce. Whether you’re just starting to build a direct to consumers presence with a new website or you want better results from existing Google Ads activity, we can help.

With an impressive track record in fueling the growth of ecommerce businesses, our expertise shines through. On average our Google team elevates conversion value by a staggering 31% or more for our clients and often achieves a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) exceeding 1000%.

Boost your Google Ads Campaign Performance

Optimise Product Feeds

Optimising your product feed is the foundation of any successful Google Shopping campaign. Our sophisticated software and expert analysts will ensure that we are able to deliver exceptional results for all search terms appearing on our platform, which in turn helps us to improve ROAS. Our fully managed service includes the creation and management of the Google Merchant Centre to help with disapprovals or any other issues that may occur. This ensures that your ads are consistently displaying correctly and product data is always correct.

Tailored Google Ads

Following an audit of existing campaigns and Google Merchant Centre our team will recommend a combination of Product, Service, and Brand ads that maximises your campaign's budget in line with your goals. By combining and optimising campaigns across Search, Shopping, Display and Video, we can reach search users at every stage of the customer journey, maximising ad spend to get the best results. And, because we charge by results, our success is tied to yours.

Campaigns and Bids

Our campaign management services are designed to improve the ROI of your shopping campaigns by using intelligent bidding, data-driven targeting and persona-based modelling. Yet, it is our people that will ensure your campaigns are exceeding expectations and delivering results.Our dedicated Google team will regularly review performance, communicate results, and present new approaches to improve conversion rates and sales.

Ensuring Campaigns perform

We combine our experience with access to cutting-edge proprietary technology and AI based modelling to optimise and inform campaign-level performance. We believe it's the best way to produce the results and drive the return on investment our customers deserve on a business-wide scale. As part of Wunderman Thompson Commerce, we have access to the world’s leading technology and solutions so we can gather the latest insight, trends and data.

We are Google Premier Partners

CSP Commerce google partner 2022

As an ecommerce agency, we are experts in helping businesses to develop and optimise their Google Advertising strategy.

From Google Shopping, Text, Search, Display and Performance Max our team has over a decade of experience with Google ads. Recognising our dedication and proficiency, we proudly hold the status of Google Premier Partners, placing us among the top 3% of UK agencies in the Google Partners program.

We are pleased to have CSP Commerce on board as a Google partner. They has demonstrated the product knowledge, technical expertise and drive to help their customers build online success through Google ads.

Adrian Blockus, Head of Channel Sales for Google UK & Ireland


Who we work with

Our clients include major household names, high street brands, globally known products, and start-ups.

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See some of our commonly asked questions below:

This involves the cleaning of product feed either from your ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify or WooCommerce, and resolving any errors in any feed connection. We will then create product groups and build out new campaigns. Much like Text campaigns, these require continuous optimisation, building negative keyword lists and adjusting keyword priority.

Showcase your ads when it matters most. Customers are searching for your products everyday on Google. Stand out from the crowd, beat the competition and drive users to your website with Search campaigns. We'll use advanced tools for keyword research and write enticing ad copy to help you dominate the search results page. When paired with the right Ad assets, audience targeting and bid strategies, you can make the most out of your budget and drive sales with traffic, revenue and/or awareness goals in mind. Once we've hit targets, we don't just leave your campaigns to run as is. Frequent testing and optimisation means your campaigns will always stay competitive and in-line with best practices, to make sure you're successful now and in future.

If you're looking to reach new customers and get your brand in front of your target audience, running targeted campaigns across Google's Video, Display and/or Discovery network is a must! We'll help you design creative - or even make them for you with our in-house designers. Then, when your ads are ready to go, we'll create a strategy to launch your ads to hit all targets. These campaigns work wonders when messaging is aligned with Paid Social ads so we can work with our social team to make sure your brand reaches the target audience across platforms and devices.

This campaign type promises to deliver more converting customers, drive more value and to provide rich insights. However, the reality is many advertisers struggle and waste spend, resulting in poor returns and find that detailed performance insights are lost. Our ecommerce experts are able to unlock these campaigns and get great results from PMax with a common target of 1,000% ROAS being achieved across industries. With a huge reliance on automation for almost all aspects of the campaign including Audience Targeting, Ad Bidding and Asset Creation, knowing how to manage, set up and optimise is key. We'll create or update Performance Max campaigns, and utilise them in addition to other campaign types such as Search and Video to get all your ads across campaigns working holistically.

Dynamic Remarketing redirect shoppers who have previously been to your site and not returned within a specific time window to remarket your products. Whilst Static remarketing builds brand awareness to customers who have previously visited the website with no actions taken. Our Remarketing tools can help you target customers who had previous conversions on the website and are highly likely to convert again. Machine learning has the ability for Facebook to allow those individuals who have made past purchases to suggest next-step products.

The shared success fee structure we have developed is intricately tied to our commitment to deliver tangible growth. Our fees are designed to generate revenue over ad-spend, but we are 100% ROAS focused - delivering ROAS as high as 5,000%, with an average ROAD of 846%.

Our effective approach to Google Shopping Management involves doing two things exceptionally simultaneously. The first is managing your campaign, bids and budget through Google Ads. The second is optimising your product feed through Google Merchant Centre. Our solution to both of these is an SKU-level approach to our Google Shopping Management service, optimising the performance of each product for profitability or ROI. We achieve this by:

  • Product data cleansing, optimisation and mapping
  • Regular Feed Auditing and Error Checking
  • Product promotions set-up and managementNear real-time pricing and availability updates
  • FREE access to our proprietary Woocommerce & Shopify plugins to enable Google's new
  • Auto Discount (beta) repricing tool