Product Data Management


Product Information Management

Create new sales channels, add & improve existing listings with Product Information Management.

Product Information Management (PIM) is the process of structuring, centrally storing and managing all of your product data in one place. As a result, it gives you a single source of truth from where you can access and publish your product listings to multiple sales channels.

Product Data Forms

The foundation of every ecommerce business. Build for success!

Organising and curating quality product data is one of the most common challenges our customers face as their business grows. More products + more data = more complexity... Sound familiar?

Challenges our customers face

Disparate systems

Your product data lives in multiple locations, making it a struggle to find accurate information.

Lack of consistent processes

Create a data blueprint that ensures you know what data is needed, giving you access to accurate information.

Missing product data

Identify your product information gaps


Sales channels with different information requirements

Know what data is required for each of the channels you sell on!

“We are pleased to have CSP Commerce on board as a Google Premier Partner. CSP Commerce has demonstrated the product knowledge, technical expertise, and drive to help their customers build online success through Google Ads.”

Adrian Blockus, Head of Channel Sales for Google UK & Ireland

Our PIM team process & formats the following data points into a single source of information:

Key product attributes:

Titles, Descriptions, SKUs, Cost Price, Sell Price

Technical Specifications:

Sizes, Weights, Measurements, Colours, Materials

Product Classification:

Categories, Relationships, Tags


Images, Key Words

Who we work with

CSP Clients

Our clients include major household names, high street brands, globally known products, and start-ups. Our heritage is an entrepreneurially led, innovative, dynamic business so we’re comfortable with change and ready for your challenge of scaling up and growing a business.

CSP Clients

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See some of our commonly asked questions below:

Customers are searching for your products everyday on Google. Stand out from the crowd, beat competition and drive users to your website with Search campaigns. We'll use advanced tools for keyword research and write enticing ad copy to help you dominate the search results page. When paired with the right Ad assets, audience targeting and bid strategies, you can make the most out of your budget and drive sales with traffic, revenue and/or awareness goals in mind. Once we've hit targets, we don't just leave your campaigns to run as is. Frequent testing and optimisation means your campaigns will always stay competitive and in-line with best practices, to make sure you're successful now and in future.

Performance Max Campaigns, also referred to as PMA, promises to deliver more converting customers, drive more value and provide rich insights if set up properly. At CSP Commerce we help our clients to get great results with many exceeding a 1,000%+ ROAS, across all industries. As automation is a fundament of this campaign influencing Audience Targeting, Ad Bidding, and Asset Creation, knowing how to set up, manage and optimise is key to its success. Our expert team can create and update existing Performance Max Campaigns, and utilise them, in addition to other campaign types such as Search and Video to maximise your product visibility. 

Promote your products with highly appealing visual ads across the Google and Bing Search & Image pages with Shopping Ads. These ads include product images, titles and other key product information to entice users to click through and purchase from your website. These ads typically have a higher ROI for ecommerce users and are a great way to showcase your offering and drive more sales. Already have ads running, but not getting the results you want? We'll be able to optimise not only your campaigns, but your entire product feed to make sure your ads are working as well as possible.

Product feeds are critical for Shopping campaigns. Without Product Feeds you are unable to run any ads. Have errors, and your ads won’t products showing. Google uses the feed to match your product to a user. This can lead to better ad visibility, higher click-through rates and in turn, more conversions. It's imperative that your feed is set up correctly and is as optimised as possible. That's where we come in. We have a wealth of experience creating and optimising product feeds. From troubleshooting disapprovals and testing new images all the way to ensuring your feed has all the extra attributes needed to skyrocket your campaigns. Need help? Get in touch today.

Our campaign management service is designed to improve the ROI of your shopping campaigns by using intelligent bidding, data-driven targeting and persona-based modelling. You will work with a dedicated team that communicates regularly to review performance while sharing bid strategies or ideas for improving conversion rates and sales. 

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