March 21, 2022

Is your ecommerce website losing you sales?

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How to build a website that converts visitors into customers

Whether you’re looking to launch your first website, want to completely redesign your existing site, or simply want to optimise your current one, we’ve put together this handy guide on the things that can really change your site from store window, to one that converts visitors into customers.

5 ways to build a website that converts visitors into customers

When it comes to your website, the most important metric you can track is how many visitors are converting on-site. Having a site that will convert potential customers into loyal ones for life isn’t just good business – it saves time in finding new clients!

Analysis has shown that 84% of conversions happen within their first visit while 11% take place on or after the second. This means an effective website needs to not only focus on conversion rates but also initial interactions with users which help establish brand affinity and engagement.

When you consider how important first impressions are, it’s no wonder that a website with great design can help your company grow. In fact, research has found that when people visit an attractive site their opinion of the page influences them more than other factors like content or price points because designs tend to stick in our minds.

While there are 100s of factors and variables that can influence conversion rates and sales performance, we’ve tried to distill it down in to 5 key areas below:

1. Clear, attention-grabbing Calls to Action

Your website should have a clear call to action, focused on grabbing your visitor’s attention as soon as they land on it.

Provide the consumer with a clear call to action that either makes the buying process easier, or gives them an incentive to purchase. A few examples include:

  1. Buy now
  2. Get 15% Discount Here
  3. £xx off your first order
  4. Sign up here

2. Add trust symbols and Social proof

A number of ways are available for creating trust on your website. The most important thing is making sure that visitors know, like and trust the brand or business they are visiting before engaging with it!

Some ways you can build trust are:

  1. Testimonials
  2. Awards
  3. Customer Reviews
  4. Security symbols

3. Make sure your website is Mobile-friendly

Users are increasingly using mobile devices. According to statistics, 48 percent of all web page views occurred on mobile devices worldwide. This implies that your website must be mobile-friendly. Your visitors will then be able to view your content when they access your site from a mobile device rather than being compelled to pinch and zoom in order to read product descriptions or images.

4. Make sure you’re getting the right traffic

After you’ve optimised your website for conversions, the next step is to ensure that you’re getting the right traffic to it. You should ask questions like:

  • Who is my target customer?
  • Where are they based?
  • What are their interests?
  • Where do they spend their time online?

Once you’re clear on who you want to attract to your site, you can then use SEO strategies or spend money on advertising campaigns across platforms such as; Google Ads, Amazon Advertising, Facebook Ads, YouTube or Pinterest Promoted Pins.

5. Build an Email Marketing list

Although many ecommerce sites neglect to develop an email list, an engaged email subscriber is more likely to buy from you than someone who arrives at your site for the first time.

Some ideas for promotional content could be:

  • Exclusive discounts and deals
  • New product releases
  • Flash Sales
  • Loyalty Bonuses and Rewards
  • Free Gifts

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