Google Automated Discounts


Auto Discount Merchant feature from Google *

CSP Commerce have been working closely with Google to create a new plugin and extension for Woocommerce and Shopify, to enable their new Auto Discounting feature within the Merchant Centre, which is currently in beta and only open to invited sellers.

Google’s Automated Discounting is a repricing tool using algorithmic data to optimise prices for each merchant to maximise their gross profit.

It works by identifying products and defining the desired min/max price ranges in order to calculate the optimal discount using real-time signals such as, market prices, price elasticity, seasonality trends, estimated delivery day, brand, etc. to optimise seller ROAS.

Accelerate E-commerce

Shift discounts and marketing spend to match changes in consumer behaviour and demand

Reach more online shoppers

Highlight relevant deal seamlessly within Shopping ads

Increase ROAS, Revenue, & Profit

Effectively price products with reduced time, effort, & cost while maintaining control

CSP Google auto discount repricer

Channel-based discounting designed to lead more shoppers to you

CSP Google Channel based discounting

On Google

Drive brand awareness with new & existing customers seeking deals. Reach shoppers where they are on various Google surfaces.

CSP Google Channel based discounting

On Your Website

The automated discount is passed via a cryptographically secure token in the URL to your website. Promote your limited-time offers to drive conversions.


Automated Discounts Reporting

Measure the performance of your price optimisation program in Merchant Centre.

CSP Google Account Repricing Reporting

A/B Experimentation

Streamlined UI

Full control of Parameters

  • A/B Experimentation

    Track incremental performance comparing treatment & control groups

  • Streamlined UI

    At-a-glance view of key metrics for selected time frame

  • A/B Experimentation

    Track incremental performance comparing treatment & control groups


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