September 17, 2023

Game Changing Features: Shopify Plus Landing Page

Shopify Plus Landing Page

The Shopify Plus landing page… propelling your ecommerce business to increase conversions

If you’re one of 4.4 million ecommerce stores using the platform, your Shopify Plus landing page offers the first (and often last) chance to take the lead on the coveted journey to conversion.

As great as that sounds, it’s no easy feat, the odds are against you.

If your landing page is ‘average’, 9 out of 10 visitors will bounce before they’ve even scrolled below the fold; slow load times will make 40 per cent of your users exit after just three seconds.

The mission then: avoid mediocrity.

Throughout this guide, we’ll help you achieve that.

From utilising pop-ups effectively to ensuring seamless design, our landing page guide ensures that your page is one that will stop your leads and increase conversions.

Back to Basics

The critical distinction between a landing page and your website’s other pages lies in the intent behind their design. A homepage serves multiple purposes – introducing your brand narrative, showcasing a broad range of products, and more. A landing page is laser-focused on conveying a single persuasive message, whether it’s the introduction of a new campaign, a special discount, or an exclusive offer.

The primary function of a Shopify Plus landing page is to capture the audience’s attention, prompting them to perform a specific action, and, ultimately, convert the casual visitor into a customer.

Think of your landing page as a well-designed blueprint that channels your visitor’s attention towards the Call To Action (CTA) button.

The Art of Designing Shopify Plus Landing Pages

Designing an effective Shopify Plus landing page requires a strategic blend of creativity, user psychology, and analytics.

The landing page should not only resonate with your brand’s aesthetics but should also be engineered towards achieving your unique conversion objectives. Therefore, before you delve into design elements like colour schemes or typography, it’s crucial to crystallise your landing page goals. These insights form the foundation for creating a landing page that’s attuned to your target audience’s preferences and your conversion targets.

Depending on your objectives, Shopify Plus offers a variety of landing page types. For instance, ‘squeeze pages’ aim to collect visitor information, like email addresses, in exchange for an incentive such as a discount code or a free eBook.

‘Click-through pages’, on the other hand, serve as a bridge to a product page, warming up leads by providing persuasive and informative context about your products or services.

‘Get started pages’ tackle a visitor’s specific pain point and provide solutions, while ‘campaign landing pages’ generate excitement around exclusive sales events.

Lastly, ‘product collection pages’ simplify the purchasing process by showcasing your products directly on the landing page.

Selecting the Right Landing Page Type: The Key to Success

Choosing the appropriate landing page type for your conversion goals is paramount. Your initial choices will significantly influence your Shopify Plus landing page’s design and effectiveness. It’s essential to visualise the customer journey, identify what actions you desire them to take, and build your landing page accordingly.

Keep in mind that effective landing pages often embody the principle of simplicity. An engaging headline coupled with concise and easily digestible information can work wonders for your conversion rates. Highlight the benefits that customers will gain by engaging with your brand and ensure your CTA button is prominent.

Harnessing the Power of Pop-Ups

Although pop-ups can sometimes be perceived as intrusive, when used strategically, they can become powerful tools to capture your visitors’ attention. Pop-ups can effectively spotlight essential information, such as newsletter sign-ups or flash sale promotions, making them harder for visitors to ignore. They also provide an additional level of interaction, facilitating deeper connections between potential leads and your brand.

Prioritising Landing Page Load Speed

The load speed of your landing page is a critical yet often overlooked aspect of its effectiveness. As internet speeds increase globally, so do customer expectations for swift page loads. Even a delay of a few seconds can lead to a potential loss of conversions. Hence, it’s crucial to optimise your Shopify Plus landing page for speed to provide a seamless user experience.

Incorporating High-quality Visuals and Videos

Visual content is a powerful component of effective landing pages. High-quality images and videos not only make your page more attractive and engaging, but they also help customers better understand your product. By enabling customers to visualise your product in their lives, you can enhance the likelihood of conversions significantly.

Leveraging A/B Testing for Continuous Improvement

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is the ability to analyse and learn from your results. When it comes to Shopify Plus landing pages, A/B testing is an invaluable tool. By testing different versions of your landing pages and comparing their performance, you can gain insights into what works best for your audience. This could involve testing different headlines, images, CTAs, or overall layout. Use your findings to continually refine your landing pages and improve your conversion rates over time.

Going Beyond with Shopify Plus Landing Pages

Crafting and optimising Shopify Plus landing pages can seem daunting initially. But with strategic planning, a deep understanding of your audience’s needs, and a commitment to continuous improvement, they can become a powerful instrument in your marketing arsenal.

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