Compounding Growth: Protein Package’s journey with Cloud Seller Pro


George, MD of Protein Package

George, MD of Protein Package

From a £300 investment to forecasting a six-figure revenue this year we discuss the role of Cloud Seller Pro in driving the growth of Protein Package.

Cloud Seller Pro interviews the entrepreneurial George Greenhill, Founder of Protein Package, to understand how his business has benefitted from Cloud Seller Pro’s Marketing Services. Join us as we learn about the fascinating story of Protein Package’s growth.

Can you please tell us about Protein Package?

“We are a fast-growing Protein and Nutrition business. Established in 2017, I saw a gap in the market when I became more serious about going to the gym. As I became focused on my own nutrition and food intake I started searching for high-protein snacks that would suit my budget. I wanted to find a variety of protein bars and snacks that were convenient, nutritional and cost-effective. The market back then was very limited, you could either buy bulk from some of the leading protein brands and be stuck with just one flavour, purchase at a high price point from high street health stores, or buy one bar for the same price as a meal deal from a supermarket. I felt it was silly that no one was serving the customers with what I, and others, wanted – great variety at affordable prices.

So I began ordering protein bars in bulk and set about creating an online shop. I learnt the essentials of building a website and opted to use Shopify’s eCommerce platform to build Protein Package. This turned out to be a smart decision as it is now an industry leader. It wasn’t long until we moved the stock from the spare room into the garage, and a short time after into a designated warehouse. It is crazy to think how fast we have grown in only five years. Our range really began to grow, and we now stock everything from the standard products like Protein powders , to Protein cereals and more obscure snacks such as Protein Doughnuts.

It was a couple of years into the journey I was ready to really grow the business. I opened up to a mentor of mine who referred me to Cloud Seller Pro, part of the Cloud Commerce Group. We started working together and I have to say the team has been brilliant and we have seen some great success.”

What initially led you to reach out to CSP?

“The reason for initially getting in touch was because we had experienced a good return of investment on Facebook and Instagram ads, but not on Google ads. I just couldn’t seem to get it to work no matter what I tried. Before collaborating with Cloud Seller Pro, our average cost per conversion was around the £10 mark on Google and £4 on Facebook. The return on investment meant Google ads had been completely unviable for us as a business. Since working with Cloud Seller Pro, we have significantly reduced our Cost Per Acquisition and during May this year, we actually managed to double our paid ads revenue (compared to before using the agency).

We picked Cloud Seller Pro over other agencies because of their mutual growth success model. The pricing model means that we only have to pay for the results that we achieve. This flexibility provides confidence that the Cloud Seller Pro has a shared interest in helping us to grow and reassures us that they are actively working to optimise our campaigns each month. We also have monthly meetings with our account manager who informs us of any changes, experiments and of course, our results.”

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What impact has CSP had on your operations?

“After working with the Cloud Seller Pro team, they were able to identify the brands that they believed had the best chance of getting positive results on Google like Monster Energy, Reign and Optimum Nutrition. After some trial and error A/B testing, Cloud Seller Pro analysed the collections and created new Smart Shopping campaigns and Performance Max Campaigns that provided much better results. These new campaigns utilised Google’s algorithms to select the best categories like “protein bars” or “pre-workouts” which helps you to be at the forefront of the competition. These types of campaigns expanded our audience reach, maximised product visibility and targeted multiple high-converting audiences. We were also able to test different visual assets, ad copy and headlines, collectively enabling us to refine our ads to increase impressions, clicks and conversions. In an increasingly saturated market, we have been really impressed by Cloud Seller Pro’s ability to deliver results. One campaign that we recently ran was for a new American brand called Ghost Lifestyle. The brand has seen some great results with a CR of 6.64% in July this year which was up from 3.76% the previous month. This helped to drive a higher return on investment at 1239% which was a month-on-month increase of 49%. Compared to our organic growth, paid search was x2.6 faster at driving revenue for Ghost Lifestyle, which is a testament to the team’s understanding of the intent of shoppers and applying this into the campaigns they create.”

What makes CSP your marketing agency of choice?

“Cloud Commerce have tiered levels of account management so as you scale your advertisements and business, you move to a new manager who specialises in companies of a similar size to you – I think this is really intuitive and helpful. Across our different campaigns, the data has shown us that 1 in 3 three customers are influenced by Google Ads in their journey to convert. I’d highly recommend their service and would especially like to thank our account manager. We can’t wait to get stuck into more profitable growth on Google ads with Cloud Commerce Group this year.”

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