Changes Ahead for Google Shopping: GTINs & Accelerated Delivery

Google Shopping changes how it handles GTINs and other unique product identifiers.

While we’re in the middle of our complete guide to Google Shopping, it’s clear that releasing it instalments was the right choice – as announcements from Google mean that an upcoming instalment would need to be changed. Not only that, but those of you who read the original version of part two might notice a…

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Cloud Seller Pro Announces New eBay Partnership & Service

csp ebay partnership

Cloud Seller Pro has announced that they now support eBay’s newest cost-per-click advertising strategy – Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA. This allows brands and merchants the opportunity to maximise their sales and differentiate themselves in this increasingly competitive e-commerce marketplace. Sellers may interact with millions of active visitors and buyers on the eBay marketplace thanks to Cloud…

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Get ready for Amazon Prime Day

CSP Amazon Prime Day June 21st 2021 blog

Amazon Prime Day – is it worth it? Amazon is embarking on a massive push for Prime Day on the 21st of June. On this day, customers who’ve signed up to their Prime service and have spent £10 in the two weeks leading up to Prime Day, will have their accounts credited with £10. It’s…

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Be ready for eBay’s Spring Seller Update

eBay’s Spring Seller Update

Make sure you are ready for eBay’s Spring Seller Update! In 2021 eBay’s Spring Seller Update contains “new opportunities to help you grow and enchance your Ebay businesses”. Here the question arises as to what exactly the changes will be? In the following guide, we highlight the major changes announced in the UK and US…

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5 Reasons to outsource your Digital Advertising

csp digital advertising experts

Small business owners often wear several hats: HR, Recruitment, Marketing, Sales and so on. But you know the old saying about being a Jack of all trades and master of none? Sometimes it’s true! Outsourcing some of your business operations is not without its risks or financial implications, but usually, when you hire an expert,…

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Black Friday 2020 – Top Tips

Black Friday eCommerce

Make the most of Black Friday: top tips for eCommerce Retailers It has been a turbulent year for retail, with no clear sign of normality on the horizon. With the biggest shopping event of the year just weeks away, November 27th to be exact, this year’s discount retail extravaganza is set to be the busiest…

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Google to offer Free Google Shopping Listings alongside Paid

csp Free Google Shopping listings

Google recently announced some big news – they are now offering free Google Shopping listings. In an article titled “It’s now free to sell on Google”, Google’s President of Commerce, Bill Ready laid out the shape of things to come for Google Shopping in just a few brief paragraphs. In short, Google Shopping is evolving, and…

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Cloud Seller Pro Welcomes ChannelGrabber Clients

channelgrabber ccp merger

Following the recent news that ChannelGrabber has been acquired by our parent company Cloud Commerce Pro, we’d like to welcome ChannelGrabber clients into the family. The merger grants you the same close connections with Cloud Seller Pro enjoyed by Cloud Commerce Pro customers. We’d love to help you build your audience and reach new customers…

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Are You Showing Customer Reviews on Your Google Shopping Ads?

Just how much can customer reviews boost Google Shopping performance?

Building up your ‘trust factor’ has a key part to play in eCommerce returns – and showing review ratings is a great way to do it. Hooking up reviews from independent sites like Trustpilot, Feefo, or from Google Reviews is simple – but very powerful. Managing Customer Reviews Of course, if you’re going to be…

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AmazonWatch: Issues with Amazon Sponsored Product Reporting

New alert shows recent issues in Amazon Sponsored Product Reporting. What do you need to know?

Amazon is in the headlines for several reasons this week, and we’ll cover some of the others soon. This story, though, affects Amazon Sponsored Product Ads. For Cloud Seller Pro, that makes it an automatic priority. Sponsored Product Reporting Inconsistencies Noted A report broke late yesterday from Jira – the leading bug tracking software –…

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Google Shopping Campaign Structure

Carefully designed Google Shopping campaign structures will bring in high volumes of clicks for a low cost per click.

In the fourth and final part of our Complete Guide to Google Shopping, we take you through building your campaign, handling bid management, and how to make promotions, reviews, and more work for you. Campaign Structure Google Shopping campaigns can be extremely flexible in how you set them up, but the trade-off is that they’ll…

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Optimising Product Feeds for Google Shopping

The third instalment in our Complete Guide to Google Shopping will take you through optimising your product feeds, identifying poorly-performing products, and more. Making sure Google Shopping receives your product feed with properly optimised information can be the difference between being lost in the shuffle and becoming a major player. Search Terms & Google Shopping…

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