Shutter Success: The Art of Authenticity in Ecommerce Photography

Shutter Success The Art of Authenticity - Ecommerce Photography

Photography for ecommerce: Mastering the Basics With a majority of shopping transactions migrating online, a brand’s visual narrative becomes its primary method of engaging and enticing customers. Ecommerce photography is an absolute essential for success. According to Adobe, 63% of shoppers said that “high-quality product photos” are “very important when deciding whether or not to…

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From Clicks to Conversions: A Guide For UX and UI in Ecommerce

As brick-and-mortar shops give way to online storefronts and consumers increasingly turn to screens for their shopping needs, ecommerce has become more than just a convenience— for many, it’s essential. Where mere seconds decide a purchase or an exit, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) emerge as critical determinants of success. But why are…

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Shopify in Sixty Seconds: November 2023


Welcome to Shopify in Sixty Seconds. Following the announcement of WPP’s global partnership with Shopify, we want to help our network realise the valuable opportunity that Shopify presents for brands and retailers. Scott Armstrong, Commercial Director, who is championing our Shopify capabilities in EMEA, said: “Shopify has established itself as a key enterprise platform, standing…

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Optimize and Excel: 5 Proven Steps to Elevate Your Ecommerce Customer Experience

5 Proven Steps to improve your CX

Now more than ever, there’s a pronounced demand for a genuine, human-centric approach to brand interactions. A consistent, positive experience across all customer touchpoints not only fosters loyalty but also bolsters retention and transforms customers into brand champions. Given this significance, it’s unsurprising that a superior customer experience is climbing the agenda for businesses worldwide.…

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Technical SEO for Shopify and WooCommerce: Essential Tips for Ecommerce

SEO Technical Tips for Ecommerce

When it comes to ecommerce, having standout products isn’t the sole ticket to success anymore. To truly shine, your brand needs to understand and master technical SEO. Whether it’s Manchester City Football Club, or a medium-sized clothing retailer at the other end of the country, Technical SEO forms the infrastructure of most online ecommerce platforms,…

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The ultimate Shopify Plus replatforming roadmap

Ultimate Shopify Plus Replatforming Roadmap

The demand for robust, scalable, and efficient ecommerce platforms is at an all-time high. As industries mature and businesses grow, the quest for a platform that caters to evolving needs becomes paramount. Against this back-drop, Shopify Plus is rapidly gaining traction as the platform of choice for many medium to enterprise-level businesses, eager to transition…

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