Summer Vibes Success: Presented by SocialNorth, CSP Commerce and Chatloop

Summer Vibes Event at the WPP Manchester Campus

Possibly the highlight of Northern networking events this summer? Last week, after a year-long hiatus, SocialNorth marked its triumphant return. Attendees experienced an event that set a new standard for networking, combining stunning weather, breathtaking views, delightful refreshments, and, most importantly, exceptional company. Marking its return, SocialNorth has forged a new partnership with CSP Commerce, a…

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Marketplace Management: Getting the Most out of eBay in 2023

Get the most of eBay in 2023

For many in ecommerce, eBay feels like a nostalgic marketplace toy. Once an industry leader, eBay has witnessed a decline over the last few years, with sales in 2022 down 9.2%, and gross merchandise volume down 15%, at $73.9 billion.  But the fact remains that with proficient marketplace management, this platform is still one of…

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A Spotlight on eBay’s Promoted Listings Advanced

eBay Promoted Listing Advanced Article Tile

Staying ahead of ecommerce marketplaces is an ever-important task for thriving businesses. In the UK, Amazon and eBay both dominate this sector, although most would think it’s only the former platform. On average, eBay acquires 298 million views in website traffic each month. This makes up 73% of Amazon’s monthly traffic. So how can businesses…

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Shopify Bundles: The Complete Guide (2023)

Shopify Bundles Article Tile

Bundling products in the ecommerce space is no longer a novel concept. When employed with precision and finesse on platforms like Shopify, it can significantly enhance your customer appeal and bottom line. Bundling is more than a simple combination of products at a discounted price. Instead, it’s a unique opportunity to create narratives around your products and…

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