Google Shopping Campaign Structure

Carefully designed Google Shopping campaign structures will bring in high volumes of clicks for a low cost per click.

In the fourth and final part of our Complete Guide to Google Shopping, we take you through building your campaign, handling bid management, and how to make promotions, reviews, and more work for you. Campaign Structure Google Shopping campaigns can be extremely flexible in how you set them up, but the trade-off is that they’ll…

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Optimising Product Feeds for Google Shopping

The third instalment in our Complete Guide to Google Shopping will take you through optimising your product feeds, identifying poorly-performing products, and more. Making sure Google Shopping receives your product feed with properly optimised information can be the difference between being lost in the shuffle and becoming a major player. Search Terms & Google Shopping…

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Changes Ahead for Google Shopping: GTINs & Accelerated Delivery

Google Shopping changes how it handles GTINs and other unique product identifiers.

While we’re in the middle of our complete guide to Google Shopping, it’s clear that releasing it instalments was the right choice – as announcements from Google mean that an upcoming instalment would need to be changed. Not only that, but those of you who read the original version of part two might notice a…

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Get the Most Out of Analytics Referrals: Payment Gateway Verification

Don't let inaccurate data prevent you from making the most out of Google Analytics referrals reports.

Your Google Analytics is one of the best tools you have for improving your eCommerce performance. Among many other things, it can: Identify which promotional campaigns are bringing in the most customers. Track the sources of visitors coming in from other routes. Pinpoint which pages cause visitors to lose interest. Identify other ‘pain points’ in…

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Setting Up Google Shopping

Sell your inventory faster by setting up Google Shopping for your eCommerce site.

Last week we took a close look at Google Shopping, its history, its future, and why you should use Google Shopping to sell online. That was just the first part of our complete guide to Google Shopping. In this instalment, we’ll cover how to set up and link Google service accounts for Google Ads, Google…

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Why Use Google Shopping?

Why use Google Shopping? A guide to marketing your products online.

Google doesn’t release the exact number, but is willing to tell us that over two trillion searches are made every year. That means somewhere around 5.5 billion searches per day, or about four million searches per minute. Retail ecommerce is growing steadily. It’s estimated that annual global ecommerce sales will top $4.5 trillion by 2021.…

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