Google to Help UK High Streets Develop Digital Channels

Can the Google Digital Garage help UK high streets with digital development?

Google’s external training organisation, the Google Digital Garage, is returning to the UK in may to help high street retailers learn the skills they may need to evolve. Hot on the heels of recent concern for the future of the high street, they’re working with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and the Department for…

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New from Google Shopping: Comparison Listing Ads

The new Comparison Listing Ads (CLA) service from Google Shopping signals a potential change in PPC eCommerce advertising. What do you need to know?

Google have unveiled a new option for Google Shopping users in the CSS Program – sites offering Comparison Shopping Services in Europe. Comparison Listing Ads will allow these sites to create full product listing pages on their own website and advertise them through a second carousel on general search pages. These pages will list every…

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Customer Retention Strategies that Will Boost Your Revenue

Do you have the customer retention strategies in place to really grow?

So, you’ve taken time refining your web store and reducing your customer drop-off rate. You’ve got an automatic emailer configured to catch customers who do abandon their carts. Your products are listed on Google Shopping and you have a team monitoring your feed and optimising it for best results. Your product listings have been tweaked…

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The Full Story: Amazon’s “Vendor Purge”

The Amazon Vendor Purge has counterfeiting and profit margins at its core, but what's the bottom line for you?

Two weeks ago, Amazon stopped buying from its Vendors. The change was abrupt and had no warning – one day, the weekly purchase order just wasn’t there for tens of thousands of Vendors. A week later, many of these Vendors were reinstated. However, not only did some not return, but Amazon has pushed those who…

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“Vendor Purge” Email

Hi, We are writing to confirm we have resumed ordering from your account following a temporary pause. We apologise for any inconvenience. We note that you are not yet enrolled in Brand Registry. We prefer to source products directly from brand owners, so enrollment in Brand Registry will be important for vendors going forward. By…

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AmazonWatch: CRaP Product Policy Changes

CRaP products cut down on profits even for Amazon. Don't fall down the same trap.

Over the past week, Amazon has been addressing everything from Amazon Vendors to Fulfilment by Amazon. There seems to be a common thread, though – CRaP products. CRaP is internal Amazon jargon. It stands for Can’t Realise a Profit. CRaP products are items they recognise the demand for, but which they can’t produce a good…

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State of the Art in UK Retail 2019

A new Royal Mail study shows online retail is only growing more important to UK businesses

Three quarters of all UK SMEs have a dedicated ecommerce site of their own, according to a new study conducted by the Royal Mail. But only 47% of online retailers also sell in brick-and-mortar stores. It looks clear that we’ve reached the tipping point where online sales are now more important than those through a…

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